Paris Hill Country Club

455 Paris Hill Road Paris, ME 04271



Paris Hill Country Club is an historic 9 Hole Public Course in the Western Foothills of Maine. Our beautiful course offers challenges to even the most experienced golfer, such as original rock walls, deep sand traps, mature trees, and a beautiful pond.

  • HOLE #1 Par 4

    A 200 - 220 yard Tee shot to center of
    fairway will carry the bunkers and
    put you in perfect position for your
    approach shot.Now you have 140-120 yard
    approach shot to downhill green.
    Play to the center of the green.

    Green slopes gently from right to
    left with a small valley in the center.

  • HOLE #2 Par 4

    Tight Fairway with out-of-bounds on right. If you want to be aggressive, green is driveable at 260 yards. Safe play is to lay up at
    100 yard marker and play a wedge to center of green.

    The green slopes severely left to right
    and back to front.

  • HOLE #3 Par 4
    Straight up hill, tight fairway, with a large pine tree on the right.

    Safe play is a 170 yard shot to center of fairway which will leave you an 80-60 yard approach shot to the green. Green slopes severely from back to front with bunkers on

  • HOLE #4 Par 4
    270 yards downhill, with 200 yard carry over pond.

    Safe play is to lay up to 130 yards.
    2nd shot over the water to green that slopes right to left and gently back to front. Large sand
    trap wraps around the back of the

  • Hole #5 Par 4
    Plenty of room for Tee shot, however there is an out of bounds of the right side. After a solid
    tee shot, the approach shot is 170-150 yards uphill to the green on an uphill lie.

    A sand trap lies in front of the green to the left. The green slopes
    from back to front.

  • HOLE #6 Par 3
    Plays 125 yards to center of green which is shared with the 9th green.
    Plenty of room to the left.

  • HOLE #7 Par 5
    470 Yard, Par 5. Solid tee shot will put you between 250-200 yards away from hidden green. If the aggressive player attempts to get there in two shot he/she will be greeted with severe slopes and a hazard next to the green.

    The sensible play is to lay up to the right of the green and leave yourself a 20-50 yard pitch
    shot to a sunken green.

    The green slopes left to right and to the

  • HOLE #8 Par 3
    Plays 102 yards from back of tee to a green that is wide, but shallow in depth.

    You must be accurate in distance and direction.

  • HOLE #9 Par 4
    Very generous fairway, however plays uphill all the way. With a good tee shot you will have an
    approach shot of 170-140 yards to a green shared with the 6th hole.

    The green is large and slightly crowned
    in the middle.

455 Paris Hill Road, Paris, ME 04271


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